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If you missed our Open House, no worries, we’d be happy to give you a personalized factory tour!

We got great feedback from the forward-looking owners, developers, architects, designers, construction managers, general contractors, etc. who visited our plant. Check out their comments:

“What a great event it was to showcase your capabilities. Very impressive.”

CHEROKEE LANE ELEMENTARY. Multi-story, 68,000 square foot K-12 school is part of a 98,000 square foot hybrid “off-site/on-site construction” project.

“I wasn’t expecting to be able to walk through what essentially is a completely built school. The large, open collaborative spaces on the second floor and the huge skylights were really eye-opening.”

CHELMSFORD FIRE STATION. 4,300 square feet of living quarters, locker rooms, kitchen facilities, etc. built off site will integrate with two firetruck bays built at the site.

“Seeing a 2-story fire station in the plant – fully assembled with walls, stairways, bathrooms – sitting next to an entire Chase Bank branch – also fully assembled with walls, bathrooms and back office – absolutely changed my thinking about modular construction.”

CHASE BANK BRANCH PROTOTYPE. This 3,485 square foot free-standing bank branch is a powerful example of our Modular Prototype Program.

“This isn’t at all how I pictured modular construction. What I saw was real construction – structural steel, poured concrete floors, finished walls, paint, lighting, MEP runs, even bathroom stalls. It’s just being done at a factory instead of at a job site.”

Interested in seeing our capabilities for yourself? Visit our “MODLOGIQ Factory Tour” page.


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