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30% to 50% faster completion...


  • Accept patients at your healthcare facility months sooner

  • Open your new dorm on time for next semester

  • Be first-to-market with your new branch, store, clinic, ghost kitchen, etc. and beat the competition by months

  • Welcome K-12 students to their new school a semester or more earlier


"First project to ever come in on budget..."


  • Industry data says 8 in 10 construction projects exceed budget...with 10% being most typical! 

  • Eliminate costly weather delays and materials spoilage by building in a controlled environment

  • Avoid variable labor rates and trade shortages

  • Minimize change orders and expensive post-installation remediation


Safer and less disruption...


  • Dramatically reduce dirt, noise, safety hazards, and infection control issues

  • Hundreds fewer contractor trips and materials deliveries to your site

  • Avoid disruption in dense urban areas, tight retail sites, and constrained campus settings



Collaboration with our clients and construction partners is key to achieving the best design, engineering, scheduling and cost outcomes possible.

Our team works hard to understand your objectives and priorities to provide real solutions.

‘Transparency’ cultivates trust and allows the team to maximize collective potential, identify issues before they become critical, and recommend the best possible path to success. The more complex or sophisticated the project, the more important teamwork becomes.

using bim

Structural design is one of the most critical elements of modular construction. Our design team uses REVIT and BIM (Building Information Management) software to create 3D structural models as part of the engineering package. These models set the stage for the rest of the architectural design. 

Because our team is experienced in the complexities of modular construction, the earlier you engage with us, the better. We understand state building codes and submittal requirements and can help design teams with less experience in modular construction avoid pitfalls and maximize success.


Once our structural steel 3D modules are fabricated, we connect them horizontally and vertically then pre-assemble your building in our factory.

With our unique capabilities, we can complete up to 90% of your custom interior and exterior finishes — including sophisticated MEPs, under-controlled conditions, and strict quality assurance measures.

very carefully

Although it sounds like a lot of extra work, this is the only way to make sure everything fits together on your site.


We build, check, and disassemble it.

We keep crane time, road closures, and site disruption to a minimum. 

When it’s delivered, we know everything fits together perfectly so you can occupy it much sooner.