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Why did MODLOGIQ (formerly NRB USA) decide to re-brand?

NRB is the 1990 acronym for the original “Niagara Relocatable Buildings” first developed in 1979. Recently, the sale of the Grimsby, Ontario plant gave us an opportunity to rethink our U.S. brand. Instead of tying our brand to a single geographic location, we wanted to underscore how our unique “build together” methodology for modular, off-site manufacturing goes beyond the limited, cookie-cutter technique of our competitors. “Mod” refers to the stunning, sophisticated modular projects our one-of-a-kind approach allows us to deliver. “Logic” emphasizes our ability to pre-assemble on the manufacturing floor and precisely "build together" all modules, systems, and components to ensure fast, hassle-free installation at the site.

What does the new tagline “Follow the Logic” mean?

MODLOGIQ’s ability to pre-assemble on the manufacturing floor and deliver a precision fit and finish is the next logical step in the evolution of modular, off-site construction. Customers who “follow the logic” are rewarded with hassle-free installation at the site and peace of mind knowing their project will be completed more quickly, efficiently and easily than with standard modular construction.

Is the name change a result of a merger or acquisition?

No, we have not merged with or been acquired by another company. MODLOGIQ retains the same corporate structure and ownership, employees, and New Holland, PA location as NRB USA. 

Will I be able to continue to work with my current contact person or team?

Yes, you’ll continue to work with the people you know and trust. Phone numbers will NOT change. However, please update your Contacts to reflect the new “” email address. NOTE: during the transition, emails sent to expiring “” email addresses will automatically forward to the new “” addresses. 

When does this change take effect? 

The rebrand is effective August 1, 2019. Please visit our new website at We will keep you updated on changes to our social media channels and other communication platforms as we transition those in the coming days. Also, you may see our old logo or old name on stationery, collateral, and other materials as we work through the transition period.  

How does the re-branding impact MODLOGIQ’s customers, dealers, suppliers, and other partners?

Any existing contracts, quotes, agreements, P.O.’s, etc. – or any currently in process – will remain under the NRB (USA), Inc. name. However, new contracts, quotes, agreements, P.O.’s, etc. initiated on August 1, 2019 or later will take place under the new MODLOGIQ name. 


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