MODLOGIQ is one of the few modular construction companies certified to design, manufacture and install shipping container buildings that satisfy both local zoning laws and corporate standards. For example, MODLOGIQ has converted numerous shipping containers into retail buildings for Starbucks coffee shops. These provide key advantages over site-built construction:

  • Speed-to-market. In most cases, shipping container buildings can be deployed in about half the time as site-built buildings – typically weeks vs. months. In addition, they help avoid delays caused by seasonal weather or labor shortages.

  • Consistent usability. Uniform shipping container floor plans ensure that standardized equipment, HVAC, and MEP systems fit perfectly within a building’s space. 

  • Small footprint. Shipping container buildings are ideal for fitting into existing open-air shopping center pads and maximizing utilization for new builds, especially in crowded urban areas.

  • Brand compliance. Centralized manufacturing ensures that brand color schemes, signage, prep areas, and other branded components of shipping container buildings are in accordance with corporate guidelines. 

  • Expandable, relocatable. Usable space can be easily expanded simply by adding another shipping container. Or if shifting conditions require a change of venue, shipping container buildings can be quickly and easily transported and installed on a new site.


Below is a small sampling of the many applications that shipping container buildings by MODLOGIQ are ideally suited for:  

  • Shipping container restaurants

  • Shipping container commercial buildings

  • Shipping container storage buildings

  • Shipping container ticket booths

  • Shipping container housing units

  • Shipping container security booths

  • Shipping container parking booths

  • Shipping container office buildings

  • Shipping container apartment buildings

  • Shipping container equipment shelters

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