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It is important to understand where we've come from -- a long legacy of success, innovation, and history -- to determine where we're going. Our vision is crystal clear.



Guided by our Core Values: 


Transform the future of construction by leveraging our build together solutions.                                 



  • In 2019, NRB, USA re-branded to MODLOGIQ.

  • In 2021, Jim Gabriel--a trusted colleague of Bob and Craig McNeil of the founding McNeil family for nearly 30 years--purchased MODLOGIQ and assumed the role of Owner and President/CEO.


The proud NRB, Inc. heritage and history extends back to early 1970. Two generations of the McNeil Family worked hard to build the business over that +40-year span. While the name may have changed, our values, client focus, and quality levels remain the same. MODLOGIQ affords us an opportunity to focus on the smart processes we've pioneered to serve our off-site modular construction clients.

From Healthcare to K-12 Education to Higher Ed to Student Housing to Health Science Labs to Retail to Banking to Quick Service Restaurants, the MODLOGIQ team delivers critical advantages for developers, owners, architects, general contractors, construction managers, and other stakeholders. Please click any of the links below to schedule time and discover more...

  • MODLOGIQ Capabilities Presentation. Schedule a Capabilities Presentation and discover how we help your project achieve Schedule Acceleration, Cost Certainty, and Least Site Impact.

  • GUIDED Virtual Tour. Book a date for an online virtual tour of recent projects...from initial structural work & 85% finish at the completed project on-site.

  • Plant Tour. Schedule an in-person visit to our controlled building environment in New Holland, PA and walk through projects currently under construction.

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