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Digitalizing our safety with

MODLOGIQ has started the process of using KWANT.AI for a variety of benefits. KWANT is the leading workforce management and safety platform using smart wearables for productivity and safety in construction. We’ll implement the Smart wearables and Kwant sensors that connect with their platform insights technology.

KWANT’S technology will allow us to:

- Eliminate waste

- Enhance resource allocation

- Create a safety first culture

- Provide a daily summary report

There is an immense amount of safety benefits that come from using KWANT. Real-time safety alerts and features allow for us to have the safety-first culture. We can receive an alert within seconds of an accident occurring onsite. These safety features for our workers safety are a huge plus on our large projects when we have manpower spread over the plant site. KWANT’S technology gives us total visibility of who’s onsite and where they’re working. Their technology also allows us to mark high risk areas so that we’re notified whenever someone enters that area. Kwant can help bring our modular construction safety to the next level.

Other safety features:

- SOS alerts

- Fall detection

- Management mass alert

- Near-miss detection

- Restrict high risk zones

Want to know more about MODLOGIQ safety? Click here!

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