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EPISODE 16: Question Most Asked About Off-Site Construction

TOP 20 QUESTIONS by Steph Voulamandis from Cherokee Lane Elementary School installation week! For answers to these and many more intriguing questions, scroll down to view the other video episodes.

EPISODE 15: The Foundation for Success? The Right Foundation.

FOUNDATION 3.5 stars: Apple TV sci-fi saga of humans under the rule of the Galactic Empire. FOUNDATION II 5 stars: Casey explains best options for offsite construction: crawl space, basement, piling (screw or driven), or slab-on-grade and why. Bonus footage: Steph climbs into the crawl space and performs her “invisible stairs” act!

EPISODE 14: Coordination, Collaboration, Communication, Cooperation

Secret to success? The 4 C’s! In relationships. In life. In offsite construction. Steph, Casey and Scott would NEVER presume to offer you advice about your relationships or your life. But offsite modular construction? They’ll wax rhapsodic about Coordination, Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation. It’s how we partner with ALL stakeholders to deliver maximum value for our clients.

EPISODE 13: Classrooms Make Stephanie Philosophical

Steph waxes philosophical about Cherokee Lane Elementary School: “We are building the future. This is a classroom that children are going to learn in.” while Casey runs down a checklist of all the features in a typical classroom that are fully completed and installed at the plant: ceiling grid, lighting, electrical, casework, plumbing, tile, fixtures, cubbies, rough-ins for Smartboards/interactive displays and more. Casey also talks about how offsite is able to deliver collaborative learning spaces with expansive, open areas and high ceilings.

EPISODE 12: Look! Up in the Ceiling! It's a Bird! It's a Plane...

“Look! Up in the ceiling! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperMEP! Meticulously planned, efficiently engineered, and carefully built together MEP systems!” Steph and Casey discuss how Building Information Modeling (BIM), clash detection, and “Build Together” construction method deliver elegant MEP systems that flawlessly RE-connect for faster completion for Cherokee Lane Elementary School – and ALL MODLOGIQ offsite modular construction projects.

EPISODE 11: What's a High Hat? (Hint: It's Not a Cymbal)

"LET THERE BE LIGHT!” High hat modules are a smart, cost-effective way to bring in daylighting, expand overhead space, and improve acoustics. Collaborating with Gilbert Architects, we were able to enhance the collaborative learning spaces at Cherokee Lane Elementary School while holding to the budget and maintaining our aggressive schedule. It’s just one more example of how early collaboration with ALL stakeholders produces win-win outcomes. Or in this case: win-win-win! (architect-school-MODLOGIQ)

EPISODE 10: We Value (Verb) Adding Value (Noun)

The first question that people who do NOT know offsite modular construction ask: “Is it cheaper?” But people who DO know and work with us ask: “Is it more efficient to build the stairwells offsite or onsite? What’s a cost-effective way to get more daylighting for the collaborative spaces? What’s the budget impact of making the mechanical room a modular plug-and-play enclosure?” Because they know we add value. Value that’s measured in client-first budgeting, shrewd value engineering, smarter solutions, strong partners, and better buildings.