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“When people think of construction, they think of hands-on building,” says Robin Gibson, Director of Human Resources at MODLOGIQ. “But there is also a lot of problem solving and relationship building involved. Women have the ability to solve problems using their communication skills and their ability to bring people and ideas together.”

Celebrating 4 years at MODLOGIQ this month, Robin is a veteran of the construction industry. Before joining MODLOGIQ, she worked at Daisy Construction providing HR services for 200 employees. She also supported affiliated companies Edgemoore Materials and Sovereign Property Management with HR needs. When Daisy Construction was sold in 2016, she initially turned to Human Resources consulting with Magellan Staffing. Over Christmas break in 2016, she heard about the opportunity at MODLOGIQ (then NRB USA, Inc.) and interviewed. “They asked if I could start tomorrow! I finished my planned break, then jumped in at the start of the new year.” After only a few days as a contractor on the job “They asked if I could stay and be permanent,” she laughs.

Upon joining the company, she got to work organizing the hiring process, professionalizing job descriptions, optimizing payroll, and working on other foundational tasks in the HR department. “My expectations were to settle in, grow with the company, and make a career out of the job,” she recalls. That plan has worked out nicely. “The position has grown as the company has grown. After getting the basics in order—like who does what, what goes where—I took on Safety and Training.”

That move has proven to be a big success for Robin and the company. “Working on improving Safety has been one of my greatest career achievements. Not just because of our safety record and the lower MOD ratings, but because it helps ensure every employee goes home safely at the end of the day.

Robin’s days are extremely busy: “I have certain things on my plate daily. Whether it’s planned tasks like payroll, posting new jobs, updating job descriptions, setting up training, our weekly recognition awards, our monthly employee recognition awards or even unplanned surprises, I love keeping active. You just never know. With the COVID pandemic, I’ve had to be even more flexible and responsive, just like everyone else.” Sometimes those surprises can turn into something fun. “In December, we had a big power outage across the entire region, so we got creative and decided to use this time for our annual championship cornhole tournament, took it outside and ordered lunch for everybody! (Facemasks and all!) Was a great day to flush the format and just have fun!”

Regardless of what’s happening, she says the people at MODLOGIQ are the best part of her day: “When you think about it, we’re here more than we’re at home. That’s why I’m so glad we all work together so well. Everyone is on the same team. I like to spend time in the plant when I have a chance and see what everyone is working on. The plant drives this business, without their talent, I wouldn’t be employed! It definitely helps develop a camaraderie with the teams in the plant, and they are very proud to show you their work. With what we build and the projects we turn out…it’s amazing to see what we accomplish!”

Robin believes the doors are wide open for women in construction. "My advice to women looking to get into the construction/manufacturing field is: ’Keep an open mind! This field is full of opportunity,’” she encourages. “In HR, people have always taught me: ’Don’t question yourself. Be assertive. Ask questions. Speak your mind.’ It’s not important to have all of the answers at that moment, just a few great ideas. This has always worked for me, in any situation. I think whatever the job entails, women are more than prepared and capable to succeed in this industry.”

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