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NRB USA Has Been Changing Minds for 40 Years. Now They’re Changing Their Name to MODLOGIQ.

New Holland, Pennsylvania - August 1, 2019 - NRB (USA), Inc., a leader in modular construction, announced it has a new company name: MODLOGIQ. The new MODLOGIQ name and corporate motto “Follow the LOGIQ” reflect how the company continues to revolutionize modular, off-site construction and make it smarter.

“The recent acquisition of the Grimsby, Ontario, plant by Horizon North gave us an opportunity to rethink our U.S. brand.,” said Bob McNeil, President of MODLOGIQ. “The new MODLOGIQ name underscores how our unique ‘build together’ methodology for modular off-site manufacturing goes beyond the limited cookie-cutter technique of our competitors. ‘MOD’ is the essence of what we do and how we do it. ‘LOGIQ’ emphasizes our smart off-site approach and unique ability to pre-assemble complete buildings in our manufacturing plant, including interior and exterior finishes, sophisticated MEPs, then disassemble and transport, ensuring a precise fit, finish, and, hassle-free execution at the site.”

MODLOGIQ retains the same corporate structure and ownership, employees, and New Holland, PA location as NRB USA.

“For our customers, dealers, suppliers, and partners, the entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude they’ve known for 40 years won’t change,” added McNeil. “Our commitment to their success is as strong as ever. In fact, we look forward to new opportunities and innovations with our rebrand.”

The new MODLOGIQ tagline “Follow the LOGIQ” highlights the company’s “build in place process” that is second to none. This unique off-site building approach is a logical step in the evolution of modular construction. Clients who “follow the LOGIQ” enjoy peace of mind knowing their project will be completed faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively than with conventional or standard modular construction.

About MODLOGIQ (formerly NRB [USA], Inc.)

MODLOGIQ is a “new” company with a 40-year history of leadership and innovation in modular construction. Our “build together” approach to modular, off-site manufacturing goes beyond limited cookie-cutter structures to deliver stunning, sophisticated projects. For commercial, institutional, industrial and multifamily residential clients, MODLOGIQ continues to change minds about modular (off-site) construction. For more information, visit http:/

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