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MODLOGIQ welcomes Stacy Tanner as Sales Director

We are proud to announce that Stacy Tanner has joined MODLOGIQ as Sales Director!

Stacy is a 25-year construction industry veteran with extensive experience in modular, off-site construction and construction program management. She’s worked with iconic blue-chip accounts such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Siemens Healthcare. Her accomplishments span multiple disciplines, including healthcare, retail, and QSR, green-sustainable solutions, design build, and construction management.

“I’m excited to join MODLOGIQ,” says Stacy. “It’s great to be part of a team that is revolutionizing off-site, modular construction to address the three biggest challenges in commercial construction: delays, over budget, and operational disruption.” Stacy has already found that the advantages of MODLOGIQ’s unique SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION approach are resonating with customers: Schedule Acceleration, Least Site Impact, and Cost Certainty.

“Innovations like Building Information Modeling (BIM) combined with our ‘Build Together’ process allow us to complete 85%, 90% and even 100% of a project off-site. Those are figures that competitors can’t touch and clients love. We can actually shorten schedules by as much as 50%. Further, the quality and precision that SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION deliver translate into fast, smooth installations. And with so much of the work completed away from the site, the impact on neighborhoods, tenants, customers, patients, workers, and other stakeholders is drastically reduced.”

Stacy leads a strategic business development team that includes Greg Oniskey and Dylan McKently. Their focus is on growing MODLOGIQ’s recent success as we expand collaboration with architects, contractors, developers, owners and other partners seeking to build the next generation of sophisticated, stunning structures while accelerating schedules, achieving budget certainty / higher ROI, and minimizing the dirt, dust and dangers associated with site-built construction.


MODLOGIQ is a “new” company with a 40-year heritage of leadership in modular, off-site construction. Previously NRB USA, we updated our brand to MODLOGIQ to reflect a new spirit of innovation. Our “Build Together” approach to off-site manufacturing goes far beyond limited cookie-cutter assembly-line structures to create complex, stunning, permanent modular buildings of the highest quality. We partner with design professionals and general contractors experienced in off-site construction to deliver Schedule Acceleration, Least Site Impact, and Budget Certainty for new builds, raze and rebuild, additions and more. MODLOGIQ has expertise in multiple sectors, including healthcare, K-12, higher education, university student housing, retail, multi-family housing, IT, corrections and more. Our innovative solutions for retail pop-ups, ghost kitchens, prototyping, data centers, equipment shelters, and free-standing kiosks allow owners and developers to start generating revenue weeks and months earlier by getting to market sooner/smarter. For those who “FOLLOW THE LOGIQ,” MODLOGIQ continues to change perceptions about modular, off-site construction. For more information, visit


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