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New Holland, PA – July 13, 2022 – MODLOGIQ, a leader in off-site construction of commercial modular buildings, completed installation of two, 10-ton kitchen modules in Town Square at SouthSide Works in Pittsburgh, PA. The all-season food service kiosks will account for 2 of the 3 food & beverage concepts at the refreshed Town Square, which also features a permanent stage and cafe-style seating for entertainment, outdoor gathering, and coworking.

Jim Gabriel, President/CEO and owner of MODLOGIQ—a third-generation Pittsburgh native who grew up on the Southside and whose grandfather worked in the steel mills that once sat on the banks of the Monongahela in the Southside Works neighborhood—says about the project: “This is Pittsburgh’s version of the American dream. The grandson of a Southside steel mill worker has a company that’s playing an important role in the renewal of Southside. I’m proud that MODLOGIQ is continuing my family’s heritage of building a better Pittsburgh. I’m especially proud that MODLOGIQ is doing this in a way that’s innovative, that’s efficient, and that respects our Southside neighbors. Plus, it’s pretty cool to see a crane in the old neighborhood swinging these fully-built kitchens into place in just a few hours!”

The successful project was the result of close collaboration between owner Somera Road and concept developer Canadev. Jonathon Reeser, Principal Co-Head of Acquisitions for SomeraRoad, notes: “Our partnerships with MODLOGIQ and CANAdev are a perfect example of what is making the live-work play model in SouthSide Works really shine. The process is fully collaborative and the focus is on local. Using Pennsylvania-made steel and housing Pennsylvania businesses in a place that is being redesigned to accommodate and enhance the living and working experiences in the Southside neighborhood and Pittsburgh as a whole has been really exciting and meaningful for all of us.”

The Town Square project is one more illustration of how MODLOGIQ’s Smart Off-Site Construction delivers Cost Certainty, Schedule Acceleration, Superior Quality, Least Site Impact, and Greater Sustainability compared to both conventional site-built and other modular construction approaches.

Fabrication of the two modules took place at our plant 250 miles from Southside Works while the site was being prepared. This allowed site crews to complete hardscaping, pour foundations, install water, electric, sewer, and other utilities, and more—without being disrupted by construction of the kitchens. Once the site was ready to receive the modules, they were transported to the site, 95% complete. This orchestration of separate but simultaneous off-site and on-site construction activity will accelerate the time to opening by weeks. It also minimized disruption to the Southside Works community, as much of the construction activity took place far away from the busy streets of the area. The resulting reduction in safety hazards, dust, dirt and noise was dramatic.


  • Two modules - pizza kiosk and bar-b-que kiosk set facing each other across the park

    • 12x46 and 12x26

    • Full commercial kitchens

    • Permanent - structural steel with concrete floors

    • Aluminum canopies and unique exterior facades to integrate with aesthetics of SouthSide Works neighborhood.

  • 95% complete when leave plant in New Holland, PA

    • Full commercial kitchens

    • Stainless steel hoods

    • Service counters

    • Fire suppression systems

    • Ovens, commercial coolers and freezers, and other kitchen equipment and appliances will be installed on site after modules are installed

  • 12x46 kiosk has

    • Two employee-only restrooms

    • Janitorial closet that serves both kiosks

  • Modules set on foundations with crawl space that accommodate water, electric, sewer and other utilities


SomeraRoad’s strategic approach is bringing a new micro-neighborhood to life and continues the vision to transform SouthSide Works into a vibrant live-work-play-stay destination. SomeraRoad and CANADev, the concept and leasing partner for Town Square and new Dog Park, have recently announced 2 new local tenants for the Town Square modules and 1 local tenant for a Town Square mobile concept. The groups have also leased a kiosk at the new Dog Park that will house a local brewery. Slice on Broadway and Smokin’ Ghosts BBQ will occupy the Town Square modules; Tasty Taquitos will operate out of a vintage airstream to be permanently parked in the Town Square; and Levity Brewing will operate out of the kiosk attached to the new Dog Park. All concept openings are slated for late summer 2022.

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