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New Holland, PA – May 30, 2023 – MODLOGIQ, the leader in SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION, will now offer light gauge (LG) steel ready-to-assemble framing components, full volumetric LG modular solutions, and panelized wall/joist/truss systems. This positions MODLOGIQ as a single source of one of the most comprehensive modular solution portfolios in the industry—suitable for virtually any modular use case, application, or project. “This expansion of our modular product portfolio dramatically advances our mission to deliver innovative modular solutions to owners/developers, general contractors, modular manufacturers, off-site prefabricators and others who want to reduce labor challenges, accelerate build schedules, improve quality, enhance sustainability, and increase ROI,” says Jim Gabriel, President/CEO of MODLOGIQ.

“With MODLOGIQ’s light gauge steel prefab products, you can build more with less, less labor and less time” says Tom Reddy, Sales Engineer for MODLOGIQ’s light gauge steel products. “And that’s just the beginning of the advantages.” Russ Wills, MODLOGIQ’s Director of Plant Operations in Seville, adds: “I’m excited to build on the momentum we’ve seen at the Seville facility. Connecting our comprehensive portfolio of LG modular solutions with MODLOGIQ’s extensive customer and partner base is going to unleash a new wave of productivity and efficiency in the modular world.”

Casey Covatta, MODLOGIQ’s Director of Preconstruction, also sees exciting new possibilities: “Adding the Seville team, facility, and LG solutions to our modular product mix will enable us to offer clients an even greater range of solutions that will dramatically amplify the modular advantages we already deliver: schedule acceleration, cost certainty, least site disruption, superior quality, and a much more sustainable construction model.”

MODLOGIQ’s unique design, fabrication, and prefab capabilities will deliver important financial and operational benefits to builders and their customers.


  • Dramatically reduced labor time/costs

    • Cut labor time/costs up to 50% to 60%

    • Can be erected without skilled trades

  • Superior quality

    • Greater strength-to-weight ratio

    • Tighter tolerances improve fit and finish

  • Greater durability/reduced maintenance

    • No shrinking, splitting, rotting, cracking or twisting.

    • Mold resistant and impervious to termites

  • Greener and safer

    • Less than 2% waste and 100% recyclable = dramatically less landfill less waste

    • Cleaner job site reduces injury risk


  • More cost effective

    • Increased value engineering opportunities

    • Greater subcontractor efficiency

    • Reduced insurance, maintenance, and legal expenses

  • Up to 50% faster completion

    • Accelerated framing—up to 60% schedule reduction

  • Higher ROI

    • Faster-to-revenue with earlier building occupancy

    • Reduced financing costs and much shorter window of construction liability

To support this product line, MODLOGIQ assumes the equipment leases of an existing Ohio firm and has hired the workers there, preventing the loss of a valuable production facility in Ohio. “This growth strategy—that saves good-paying jobs and retains a valuable economic resource in the community—is a win-win for everyone,” notes Jim Gabriel. “Best of all, our customers get the highest-quality products fabricated by a highly experienced team of light gauge steel experts operating in a proven production environment.”


MODLOGIQ has a +40-year heritage as a leader in off-site construction and now offers light gauge (LG) steel modular solutions, including ready-to-assemble LG components, pods, panelized wall/joist/truss systems, as well as full volumetric permanent modular construction. MODLOGIQ’s groundbreaking innovation has been recognized with dozens of industry awards across multiple sectors, including Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12, Multi-Unit Housing, Corrections, and Student Housing. MODLOGIQ has also received certification as a Great Place to Work for two years in a row (2021-2023).

What sets MODLOGIQ apart from others is SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION, delivering industry-leading levels of finish—85%-100% vs. the industry norm of 60%-65%. The result? MODLOGIQ is able to help our build partners and customers rapidly deliver highly customized volumetric, modularized, and panelized solutions that provide schedule acceleration, cost-certainty, least site impact, superior quality, and more sustainable construction. For more information, visit

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