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Joe McLauchlan – QA/QC Veteran

For Joe McLauchlan, Quality Program Manager at MODLOGIQ, quality is more than a box that gets ticked on a checklist. It’s the living, breathing practice of continuous improvement. From being a key member of the “Ship Loose” improvement team to heading the new 4DX Quality Initiative, Joe takes a leading role in raising the bar on quality at MODLOGIQ.

“We’re proud we’ve earned a reputation for world-class quality in the buildings we deliver,” Joe says. “The Quality Initiative is focused on extending that mentality to every aspect of our business.” Quality starts long before a welder lights a torch or an electrician wires a room. It begins with clear, accurate communications during estimating and preconstruction. It continues with stunning design and detailed Building Information Modeling. And of course, it’s absolutely critical in efficient procurement and supply chain management, off-site construction/manufacturing, and transport preparation, as well as the completion process at a job site. “The Quality Initiative is aimed at improving everything we do,” explains Joe, “including interactions with our customers, partners, suppliers, and even within our team.”

In addition to his strategic function, Joe brings 26 years of hands-on experience to his daily QA/QC duties. “I come from a background as an electrical foreman on site-built projects,” says Joe. “The work there was very similar to what we’re building here in our plant. That experience of tying in with all the other subcontractors—plumbing, HVAC, fire prevention systems, etc.—provides a broader perspective that’s valuable in my day-to-day job.”

“Fortunately, we’ve got a team here at MODLOGIQ that truly believes in delivering the best quality,” Joe notes. “The frontline guys, subcontractors, project managers, supervisors—everyone is focused on building a great product.” Even so, Joe is never standing still. “My day flies,” he laughs. “You never know what you’re going to do every day.” Yes, there are twice weekly meetings with the MODLOGIQ team and subcontractors to review projects and quality plans to make sure everyone is hitting their targets. But that leaves room for a lot of spontaneity. “I may be out on the plant floor checking that projects are following the print and are to spec. I may be meeting with third-party quality control inspectors. I may be doing pressure tests. Or I might be checking on screw patterns. It’s never the same.”

The recent Good Samaritan Pediatric Emergency Room expansion is a good example of the new situations that make Joe’s life more interesting. The project won Best In Show at the 2021 World of Modular Conference: “We had more than a dozen ER exam rooms where we had to coordinate inspections of all the connections for the med gasses and medical vacuum systems in the headwalls. Those shipped as part of the completed modules. It was critical that everything tested correctly.”

As Quality Program Manager at MODLOGIQ, it’s obvious Joe plays a major role in delivering on our promise of Superior Quality. But what about Schedule Acceleration, Cost Certainty, and Least Site Impact? “Schedule Acceleration starts early with QA/QC,” Joe points out. “For example, are we accurately capturing takeoffs? Do we have all our studs? Did we get all the drywall? By catching exceptions early, we can get in front of issues and avoid downtime and delays.”

As for Cost Certainty and Least Site Impact? “Our department is heavily involved in making sure we’re building the project to the print. The result is that everything goes as smooth as possible at the site, that we have a smooth set. That means less time on site, no costly delays.”

That said, Joe believes the most important thing he does is give customers confidence. “We want them to know that with our quality programs, our internal inspection processes and our 3rd party inspections, their projects meet code and meet the specs. They know that what they can’t see—behind the wall, below the floor, above the ceiling tiles—is done right.”

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