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“It’s kinda like time travel.” Offsite construction did not merely accelerate the construction schedule of The Center for Well-Being, it actually moved the start and finish lines!

Months before demolition of the old facility could begin, MODLOGIQ started off-site modular construction inside our New Holland, PA factory. By the time site preparation was complete and the foundation was ready, the 24,000 square foot structure was also ready to ship to the site at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country.

Transport took 4 and half days. Installation was another 4 days. So just days after the foundation was finished, we had a fully-assembled building. Not another 7 months of conventional construction STILL ahead of us.

After installation, we applied the exterior finishes and RE-installed the elevator and RE-connected the MEP and HVAC systems that were built together in our factory, tested, inspected, approved and then taken apart for transport.

We then completed interior finishes and landscaping in just weeks -- for an on-time opening at the beginning of fall semester 2021.

Take a GUIDED virtual tour of The Center for Well-Being with Stacy Tanner. Click this link to schedule a date and time!

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