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In Memoriam | Mike Burkhart

It is with deep sadness that we mark the passing of our beloved colleague, Mike Burkhart. His family has requested that in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Wilson High School Boys Soccer Team at in memory of Mr. Michael John Burkhart.

Mike wasn’t just our Financial Controller. He was a leader that went the extra mile—as a manager, a colleague, a true, valued member of the MODLOGIQ team, and mostly importantly, as a great friend.

Mike took on a lot of projects at MODLOGIQ because “somebody had to do them” and rarely had to be asked. He was always volunteering to help out with any department that needed assistance, whether it be helping to register employees for government jobs, setting up company events (and flipping burgers at those events), cutting the grass, and even shampooing carpets! He really did it all and was always there for all of us.

He was so proud of his family. When he wasn’t gloating about Bennita being such a wonderful wife and delivery nurse, it was about the twins, Trenton and Tyler, and their electrical apprenticeships, or it was about his daughter, Kaya, and her sports scholarship to college and her basketball games, or all about Jaedon and jet-setting off with him to every soccer or basketball tournament or game he could get to. We still don’t know where he got all of his energy!

To us, Mike is someone who embodies our Core Values at MODLOGIQ. To commemorate his life and the passion he put into everything he did for our company, we are re-naming our Core Value Awards program to the “Michael Burkhart Core Value Awards,” honoring the dedication and determination he demonstrated every day.

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