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The Fast and Furious 7 of Off-Site Construction

#Furious7 raked in over $1.5 billion worldwide and ranks as one of the top grossing #films of all time. How did the heroes in Furious 7 succeed? And what does a #Hollywood #blockbuster with a $190 million budget have in common with your #modularconstruction project?

Simple. Both succeed by following the steps outlined in our checklist!

  1. RESEARCH. The Furious team members thoroughly research the security surrounding Ramsey, the creator of the God’s Eye. That’s why they’re able to successfully plan and execute his daring rescue via a precision air drop of 5 high-performance cars from a C-130 transport plane. Similarly, doing your homework on modular construction companies, their capabilities, track records, and accomplishments will help you avoid pitfalls and assure success. Our checklist provides helpful techniques for conducting your due diligence.

  2. COMMIT. Once the Furious team agrees to rescue Ramsey and the God’s Eye, they commit 100% – leapfrogging the planet to liberate them from the villain Shaw. For modular construction projects, getting every member of the team – from designers to architects to jurisdictional authorities to manufacturers to construction crews – to buy into the pre-planning and executional discipline necessary in modular construction is key to realizing better outcomes. When that commitment should take place and what it requires is spelled out in our checklist.

  3. PARTNER WITH EXPERTS. Mr. Nobody and Hobbs are able to deliver critical global comms, logistics, and transport to Dom’s team due to their deep background with those types of operations. The same holds true to achieve off-site construction success. The checklist outlines how to build a strong team with the expertise needed for your modular building project.

  4. COLLABORATE AT EVERY STAGE. Dom’s team works together closely throughout the action, whether rescuing Ramsey in Azerbaijan, capturing the God’s Eye in Abu Dhabi, or destroying Jakande’s helicopter in LA. The same highly choreographed precision is essential for modular construction teams. When everyone communicates clearly and works together for the good of the project, success is the ultimate result. The checklist identifies valuable techniques for establishing and sustaining a highly collaborative modular construction team.

  5. DESIGN WITH A [MODULAR] APPROACH IN MIND. Once the team realizes that a vulnerable link in wireless networks offers the best path to hacking the God’s Eye, they design their strategy and tactics to get Ramsey access to that link. In a similar vein, designing with modular in mind from the beginning of a project allows you to achieve better results, too. Our checklist catalogs five goals for following best practices in modular design and achieving maximum efficiency in your modular construction project.

  6. UNDERSTAND THAT TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Dobbs must launch his ambulance off the overpass with precision timing to wipe out the drone that’s attacking Letty and Ramsey. Too soon and he gets lit up by the missile. Too late and he crashes into the pavement without saving the two teammates. With modular construction, coordinating site-built construction with off-site manufacturing is key to achieving schedule reductions of up to 50%. The checklist explains the ins-and-outs of optimal decision timing.

  7. CLEARLY DEFINE EVERYONE’S SCOPE OF WORK. While planning, the Azerbaijan rescue, first Roman and then Tej stake out their roles, making sure the team knows who is doing what. The same logic applies in modular construction. If the on-site crew thinks the manufacturing team is responsible for something, but the manufacturing team thinks the on-site crew is responsible, delays and added costs are sure to result during installation. The checklist includes a Responsibility Matrix to help you clearly define roles and responsibilities and avoid problems.

Turn your next modular construction into a blockbuster success!

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