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Casey Covatta, along with the team that delivered the Cherokee Lane Elementary School project, comprise an all-star panel for the breakout session:

Prince George's County Public Schools: A Prototype for Success

THU, Mar 30 | 1 pm PT

2023 World of Modular Annual Conference & Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV

Prince Georges County Public Schools (PCPS) needed to build more schools for their growing enrollment. However, they lacked new, greenfield sites for construction. The solution? Build the new schools on current schoolground sites and use modular construction to minimize disruption to daily operations of nearby teachers and students. With input from students, teachers, and administrators, the Cherokee Lane prototype proved the validity of this approach. While classes continued less than 100 yards from construction, a new 100,000 square foot school was built in record time for an on-time opening in fall of 2022. This successful solution will be rolled out on remaining school grounds, with customization of the project design to accommodate differences in site configurations and student population.

Shawn Matlock, Director of Capital Projects, Prince George’s County Public Schools Joe Howell, Senior Project Manager, Prince George’s County Public Schools Scott Adams, Studio Director, Gilbert Architects Inc. Megan Tomlinson, Project Manager, Whiting-Turner Casey Covatta, Director of Preconstruction, MODLOGIQ

Greg Oniskey (MODERATOR), Senior Client Specialist, MODLOGIQ

VIDEO - Cherokee Lane Elementary School

PROJECT PROFILE/PHOTOS - Cherokee Lane Elementary School

If you're attending the 2023 World of Modular Annual Conference & Tradeshow, be sure to attend all three sessions featuring MODLOGIQ thought leaders:

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