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BIM is one of the secret ingredients in SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION. In this multi-part interview series, In-House Architect William Barlow II, R.A. explores how MODLOGIQ uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) to help:

  • Create beautiful permanent buildings

  • Foster tighter collaboration with architect/design partners

  • Simplify manufacturing for MODLOGIQ, sub-contractors, installers, and others

  • Optimize MODLOGIQ’s one-of-a-kind “Build Together” manufacturing method

  • Integrate modules with site-built structures in “hybrid” projects

  • Maximize design, fixture, and furnishing flexibility

Part 1 of 5-Part Interview Series

Part 2 of 5-Part Interview Series

Part 3 of 5-Part Interview Series - BIM + Early Design Collaboration = Successful Cherokee Lane Elementary School Project

Part 4 of 5-Part Interview Series - BIM Coordination / Design Collaboration = Center for Well-Being Project at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Part 5 of 5-Part Interview Series - Summary

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