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Open House registration now closed...

During our July Open House, see the results SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION delivers for 3 stunning off-site projects!

CHEROKEE LANE ELEMENTARY. This multi-story, 68,000 square foot K-12 school is part of a 98,000 square foot hybrid “off-site/on-site construction” project. With Schedule Acceleration provided by SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION, this new school will open months earlier than possible with a conventional, site-built-only approach. Least Site Impact has also been a big benefit. Most of the project has been built during the pandemic. By building off site, the existing school has avoided thousands of contractor trips and material deliveries to the site. This has meant dramatically less dust, noise, and safety issues.

CHELMSFORD FIRE STATION. The living quarters, locker rooms, kitchen, and other facilities that we’re building off site will integrate with two firetruck bays built at the site. The 2-story, 4,300 square feet modular structure is being built at the same time as site preparation is being completed, providing Schedule Acceleration. With our “Build Together” method delivering unprecedented fit and finish, installation in August will be smooth and streamlined, avoiding delays and assuring Cost Certainty.

CHASE BANK RETAIL BRANCH. This free-standing, 3,485 square foot free-standing retail branch is a powerful example of our Modular Prototype Program. The Modular Prototype Program helps organizations developing modular construction programs to complete the arduous process of creating “Production-Ready” designs and prototype models that can be priced and produced by qualified commercial modular manufacturers throughout the country.

Registration is now closed: July 21 and 22 were your last dates to see these projects at our factory. In the days and weeks following the Open House, the buildings were disassembled, prepared for transport and installed on site.

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