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11 modules. 72 hours. 1 AMAZING retail bank branch.

It started early Monday morning, September 13. And before the end of the day Wednesday, September 15—this stunning, 3,300 square foot retail bank branch was fully assembled and dried in.

Over 75% of the exterior and interior was completed inside our factory. That means commissioning is projected to take place in less than 45 days! Some notable completion features in the structural steel and concrete floor modules…


  • Corner window curtain wall

  • Floor to ceiling office windows

  • Glass lobby entrance

  • Decorative stone façade

  • Premium aluminum composite material siding

  • Monumental high hats and parapets


  • Decorative wood walls and ceilings

  • Finished entry carpet and lobby/office flooring

  • Office doors and security doors installed

  • Complete MEP systems

  • Lighting and ceiling grid

  • Tiled bathroom with toilets, sinks, counters and more

  • 90% completed drywall

MODLOGIQ delivered this building as a fully-turnkey project for our partners, including architect Hoefler Welker and construction manager CBRE:

  • Oversaw demolition of previous building on the existing lot

  • Handled all utility, site preparation, and foundation work

  • Will complete landscaping, remaining interior and exterior finish work, and more

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