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Reading School District


Turner Construction
Wohlsen Construction


Reading, PA


98,000 SF


1 school year

Best in Show

Modular Building Institute, Award of Distinction - 2009

The Millmont Elementary School project proves just how successful a hybrid on-site and off-site construction project can be. MODLOGIQ built 60,000 sq. ft. of classroom and library modules at the plant, while Turner Construction managed GC partner Wohlsen Construction, who built 38,000 sq. ft. of cafeteria, gym and mechanical spaces on site. All the elements came together seamlessly over an underground parking lot. Working collaboratively with Gilbert Architects, the Reading PA School Board, and our building partners, MODLOGIQ was able to meet the sophisticated design demands and tolerances, as well as the tight schedule for this new 98,000 square foot elementary school. The “core” structures built off site were comprised of 88 fully pre-assembled modules for the perimeter school wings and 66 pre-built floor and roof panels. All modules and pre-built panels were crane set on the structural steel spider web of supports in the parking garage. This system was carefully matched with the modular structural design to properly distribute and support building loads. Integration of modular building components with conventional design on this small “V” shaped site addressed numerous challenges, including accelerated schedule pressures and reduced site impact requirements. The finished brick-and-concrete facade evokes an historic aesthetic befitting the 1920's building it replaced, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Interior features include architectural “halos”, colonial columns, entrances, arches and vaulted ceilings with pendant light fixtures. Even gargoyle statues that were part of the original school were salvaged and included in the design. The central outdoor courtyard is a “living roof” installed atop the parking garage that mitigates water run-off while also acting as a teaching tool for the 6th grade magnet school students studying agriculture.

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