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Harvest House of Marijuana


Little Rock, AK

2,472 SF

90 days

1st Place – Retail

Modular Building Institute, Award of Distinction - 2021

Quickly opening a dispensary in the Little Rock, AK market was critical to Harvest’s aggressive growth plans. But conventional construction timelines were too slow. MODLOGIQ offered the ideal solution—schedule acceleration that cut months off the open date. Yet even with a dramatically faster schedule, our SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION delivered on quality, security and brand identity. Close collaboration during pre-construction, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). and our unique “Build Together” approach achieved 95% completion at the plant and ensured precise fit and finish. For example, the bullet-proof glass inserted across module mate lines during installation aligned exactly as designed. Specialized security features—including low-voltage systems—were installed, inspected and approved at the plant. In fact, every aspect of the build met brand, regulatory, security, and corporate requirements. At the site—a small lot on a 4-lane highway with minimal laydown area—installation was completed in just 2 days, dramatically reducing impact on the community. Most importantly, simultaneous off-site construction and site development accelerated opening by 6 months, enabling Harvest to win the all-important race to be “first-to-market” in Little Rock.

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