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Permanent Sales Office

Charter Homes - Retail

In the past, Charter Homes had deployed prefabricated wooden modules that were not customizable. But the upscale Crescent Community demanded a more sophisticated space. This sales office delivers on that, starting with the custom steel canopy over the porch that presents a dramatic entry into the building. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the common area and two private offices provide expansive sightlines to the wooded setting of Crescent — a huge selling point for the development.

Most importantly, for not much more than the cost of a 14” x 50” prefabricated wood module that exudes a “trailer” vibe and has a lifespan of only 2-5 years, Charter Homes got an upscale permanent yet relocatable showcase building that delivered the upscale ambiance and character essential to sales success for the marquee Crescent Community. The MODLOGIQ solution has a life span of approximately 20 years and can be reused over and over by Charter Homes.

VP of Charter Homes, Tom Prince, had this to say: “This sales office made a BIG impression on our team. I am looking forward to working with you and your team again in the future.”

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