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New Holland, PA - December 12, 2021 – MODLOGIQ, the leader in SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION, announced a new organizational structure, adding veteran experience and expertise and promoting proven leaders within the company. The purpose is to build upon recent project success and growth and further our vision of becoming the undisputed Off-site Construction Leader in Operational Excellence, Technology Integration, and Sustainability.

Ed Zimmerman, who has led some of highest profile modular projects in the world, joins MODLOGIQ as Senior Vice President of Construction Operations. Ed will be responsible for Off-Site/On-Site Project Delivery and Execution as well as Sales and Business Development support. Reporting to him will be the Preconstruction (Estimating and Design), Project Management, Production, Strategic Sourcing, and Safety departments.

Magdalena Murphey is promoted to Director of Operations and Strategy and brings strategic, cross-functional expertise to her new role. Her primary responsibilities will be Operational Excellence, managing the day-to-day operations of the organization and – with the support of department leaders – providing greater focus on operational efficiency, resource management, risk mitigation and maximum return on operational investments. Mag will also be responsible for facilitating the development and execution of the numerous strategic Initiatives the company has recently undertaken. Her direct reports will be Quality and Admin departments.

Scott Heckel is promoted from his current position as Director of Operations to Vice President. In his new role, Scott will continue to support the organization as we transition to the new leadership structure. He will be responsible for providing sales and preconstuction support, project support, operational and financial management in an effort to maintain business continuity and set the stage for organizational improvement, sustainability, and growth.

Charles Gabriel comes aboard as Controller, adding enterprise financial and risk management experience to the leadership team. Chas will be responsible for Accounting and Financial Management, including day-to-day management of financial operations of the organization with support of our finance and accounting partners.

Jim Gabriel, as Owner, officially assumes the title of President/CEO. His mission will be to lead the growth of the organization, act as Brand Ambassador, facilitate new business development, lead the Board of Directors and Vendor Council, direct strategic planning, monitor the financial health of the organization, provide operational oversight, create and maintain relationships with the community and industry leaders, and take a leadership role in forging strategic alliances, mergers, partnerships, and other growth/investment opportunities. Reporting to Jim will be CFO/Controller, Construction and Manufacturing, and Sales & Marketing.

In announcing the new structure, Gabriel emphasized that to become the undisputed Off-site Construction Leader in Operational Excellence, Technology Integration, and Sustainability: “It all starts with each one of us. Just as one domino can start a chain reaction that can ultimately topple the Eiffel Tower, each of these leaders can bring exponential change to our industry.”


MODLOGIQ (formerly NRB USA, Inc.) has a +40-year heritage as a leader in off-site construction of permanent modular buildings. MODLOGIQ’s groundbreaking innovation has been recognized with dozens of industry awards across multiple sectors, including: Corrections, Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12, Student Housing, and Multi-Unit Housing. MODLOGIQ has also received recognition as a Great Place to Work, receiving certification for 2021-2022.

What sets MODLOGIQ apart from others is SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION that accelerates completion, improves quality, reduces site impact, and assures cost-certainty. SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION is the reason why MODLOGIQ achieves industry-leading levels of finish—85%-100% vs. the industry norm of 60%-65%. The result? MODLOGIQ is able to rapidly deliver highly customized, permanent modular buildings of incredibly precise fit and finish. For more information, visit


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