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This holiday season, MODLOGIQ is proud to make a donation to Operation TRIAGE on behalf of all our clients and partners. Operation TRIAGE is a unique organization that provides emergency advocacy and financial relief to disabled veterans, first responders, and active-duty service members based on greatest need.

We’ve chosen Operation TRIAGE as the focus of our charitable giving because ALL donated funds, materials, and labor are used to expedite home renovation, wheelchair access ramps, mortgage-free homes, and other shelter/mobility assistance for our nation’s heroes.

Going forward, MODLOGIQ will be supporting Operation TRIAGE in multiple ways, including donated labor, building materials, and other construction assistance. We hope you’ll join us and answer the call to tackle the urgent needs of the heroes that answered the call for our country.

Read more about Operation TRIAGE and the incredible work they perform.

If you would like to give a hand up to deserving men and women, click this link to make a tax-deductible donation to Operation TRIAGE.

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