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Slash weeks off framing of 100K Square foot multi-unit housing

Customized prefab panels—walls, floors, ceilings, façades—ready for fast assembly


Build rapidly in a controlled factory environment

  • Industrialized manufacturing—automation, cranes, jigs, assembly lines, etc.—speeds completion of panelized assemblies in a dry, safe plant


100% flexible configuration/finishing

  • Specify "framing-only" panels, or fully wired, plumbed, drywalled, and windowed panels—and everything in between


Assemble a multi-story building twice as fast—with half the labor  

  • Panels are staged LOFO for optimized build sequence and can be erected without
    skilled framers

panelization  changes everything
  • Reduce labor needed to complete commercial building projects of any size and complexity

  • Drive higher financial returns

  • Earlier occupancy/faster-to-revenue

  • Superior fit, finish, and quality

  • Lower long-term maintenance/costs

  • MODLOGIQ Smart Cold-Formed Metal Framing addresses virtually any build strategy or project scope

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  • Higher ROI

    • Reduce interim financing costs

    • Shrink the window of construction-related liability

    • Faster-to-revenue with earlier building occupancy.

  • Lower Costs

    • More value engineering opportunities

    • Greater subcontractor efficiency

    • Reduced insurance, maintenance, and legal costs (less fire risk)

      • Eliminate 12-month inspection requirements (Zurich comments on fire insurance reduction 24% and builders risk reduction 75% )

      • No safety or site security mandates.

  • Up to 60% Faster Framing
    • Follow-on trades start work sooner = shorter construction schedules

    • Shorten schedules and prevent costly delays (both labor and equipment).


  • Superior Quality

    • Greater strength-to-weight ratio

      • Steel significantly less weight than wood and concrete

      • Reduce total building load, reduce costs down to the foundation

      • Build higher without expanding foundation footprint

    • Tighter specifications / tolerances

      • Improve fit, finish and overall quality.  

  • Greater Durability/Reduced Maintenance

    • No shrinking, splitting, rotting, cracking or twisting

    • Mold resistant

    • Impervious to termites.

  • Greener and Safer

    • Reduce construction debris and dumpster costs

    • Cleaner job site reduces injury risk

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