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Coney Island Hospital


Axis Construction Corp.


Coney Island , NY


14,000 SF


1st Place – Permanent Healthcare

Modular Building Institute, Award of Distinction - 2016

When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the community healthcare clinic, Coney Island Hospital immediately began searching for an expedited approach to rebuilding its facility and restoring healthcare services to local residents. But the widespread devastation inflicted by Sandy introduced a number of challenges to a fast schedule, including a lack of labor and materials due to numerous competing projects.

SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION provided the solution, with simultaneous off-site construction taking place more than 100 miles away while site development proceeded atConey Island. The modules were finished to an 85% completion level, including exterior face brick, restrooms, and offices, which expedited installation of the modules when they arrived on the site. As a result, the Ida G. Israel Clinic was able to open months earlier than would have been possible with conventional site-built construction. Yet even with a record-setting schedule, the facility provides the infrastructure for delivering healthcare services vital to the community, including dental, behavioral health, and substance abuse. At the same time, the new building features the latest amenities, such as energy-saving interior lighting (occupancy sensors in all rooms), low VOC paint, high-efficiency HVAC units, reflective white modified Bit roofing, and large windows with insulated glazing for natural daylighting. All while meeting/exceeding NYC codes and Department of Health regulations.

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