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General Manager

Seville, OH, USA

Job Type

Full Time


Plan, organize, direct, control, manage and evaluate the USA operational activities to achieve stated targets and standards for safety, quality, and financial stability. Maximize efficiencies, control costs, and develop sales and production forecasts to obtain the best possible ROI for the stakeholders.

Duties & Responsibilities / Requirements


  • Analyze production and sales output to meet projected sales forecast and yearly budgets

  • Be the leader in safety, quality, improvement, and efficiency

  • Be the final decision maker in resolving all conflicts internal and external to the company

  • Develop and enforce the company policies and procedures; be the leader by example

  • Develop vision and communicate that vision through example to lead and inspire others.

  • Direct and monitor all departmental activities to assure reasonable profitability in the company

  • Develop and implement systems to streamline actions within the company

  • Develop, direct, implement and monitor plans to efficiently position assets, personnel and equipment for all Departments; ensure efficient allocation of material, human and financial resources to implement and execute programs and contracts; ensure financial and administrative controls are maintained; approve promotional campaigns; and direct overall sales and production strategies for the US operation

  • Develop, monitor and maintain all business relationships with outside firms and personnel in an effort to maintain relations for future work

  • Direct, define and manage the month end and yearly budget with Sales, Operations and Accounting staff

  • Ensure compliance with corporate procedures and processes

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and promote outstanding customer service

  • Establish key Company objectives and utilize resources to execute them

  • Grow the company; responsibly, physically and profitably; assure the company meets or exceeds goals and directives 

  • Identify, develop, and direct the implementation of business strategies

  • Maintain a positive attitude with clients and staff

  • Maintain and develop organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, sub-trades and regulatory bodies

  • Maintain legal and safety compliance in all matters

  • Maintain reasonable profitability in the company

  • Manage initiatives to drive excellence across the entire Company

  • Monitor production output to meet projected sales forecast and yearly budgets

  • Monitor all business relationships with outside firms and personnel in an effort to educate and eventually source potential contacts for future sales

  • Oversee staff for the proper use of computers and software. Review, manage and implement software and computer needs for staff

  • Participate in all yearly sales reviews and audits

  • Provide leadership, direction, training and review performance levels of staff to assure everyone is gainfully employed for best utilization of resources

  • Recruit, select and develop executive team members; direct functions and monitor performance

  • Stop any work conducted in an unsafe manner. Establish and promote and hold all accountable to safety policies and procedures.  Practice and enforce safety all the time.

  • Treat all employees, customers, and contacts with dignity and respect

  • Work with accounting, sales, and operations to analyze and control expenditures against budgets.


  • Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently

  • Back ground in Quality Assurance, HR, Estimating/Sales, Project Management, Purchasing, and Accounting desired

  • BS/BA in Business or equivalent work experience related to the Company’s products and services

  • Demonstrate leadership skills, including staff development, coaching and training

  • Demonstrate sound business judgment

  • Financial and analytical skill with P&L management capabilities

  • Minimum 5-10 years’ experience in modular and/or on-site building construction

  • Organization and time management skills

  • PC proficiency in a Windows® environment and other trained software applications

  • Promote Teamwork

  • Skills in:

    • Conflict resolution

    • Decision making

    • Lean Manufacturing

    • Performance Management

    • Process improvement

    • Safety/Quality Management and Assessment

    • Sales and Marketing Principles

    • Strategic planning

    • Strong Leadership and Teamwork abilities

  • Valid driver’s license – Holding and maintaining a current and valid Pennsylvania driver’s license is a condition of your employment.  Any changes in your driving record must be reported immediately.  If you receive a citation for a vehicle or traffic-related offense or violation, it must be reported to the Company immediately  and no later than five (5) days following the incident.  You must report any arrest, citation or conviction for a criminal drug violation or an alcohol-related crime within five (5) days of the arrest, citation or conviction.  Company will take appropriate action within 30 days of notification.  Receipt of same orf failure to report same may result in corrective action up to and including immediate termination. 


MODLOGIQ has been certified as a Great Place to Work® two years in a row! As a leader in off-site construction of modular buildings, we have experienced unprecedented growth and are looking for great people to help us continue to build the best workplace possible. Our unique SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION method is unique in the industry.

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