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Assistant Project Manager

New Holland, PA, USA

Job Type



The Assistant Project Manager’s role is to assist with the planning, organization, and management of the day-to-day project operations, as well as any other responsibilities as directed by the Project Managers.

Duties & Responsibilities / Requirements

  • Adhere to all company policies, processes, procedures, rules and regulations at all times 

  • Analyze the Scope of Work sheets for each project to protect the company’s interests.   

  • Be a leader in safety, quality, improvement, and efficiency for Operations 

  • Be responsible for preparing and reporting data to the Operations Manager for month end financials 

  • Become well versed in the construction capabilities of the company 

  • Collaborate with Sales to obtain pertinent data about projects 

  • Conduct an analytical review of plans and specifications against sub-trade quotes and exclusions, and/or plant labor skills and capabilities. 

  • Deliver quality projects to customers that are completed on time and on budget, at minimum 

  • Develop, monitor and maintain all business relationships with outside firms and personnel in an effort to maintain relations for future work 

  • Ensure order hand-off, follow-up and/or project meetings happen as necessary  

  • Generate concise and accurate takeoffs for material acquisition; generate appropriate purchase orders and contracts. 

  • Interact with sub-trades to maintain open lines of communication for best price and compliance to spec Interface with Sales/Estimating as needed to assure “build-ability” to questionable specs or design details. 

  • Maintain a positive attitude with clients and staff 

  • Monitor production output to keep projects within estimated budget and schedule 

  • Monitor sub-trades and/or plant construction activities against project schedules. 

  • Order materials for Just-In-Time delivery based on production schedules.

  • Follow up to assure prompt and complete delivery of services and materials  

  • Performs special projects and other duties as assigned Produces and processes change orders through all applicable departments (sales, accounting, contracting) 

  • Produces, assembles, collates, and maintains project data, correspondences and records 

  • Stop any work conducted in an unsafe manner 

  • Transmit addenda to subcontractors as needed 

  • Treat all employees, customers, and contacts with dignity and respect 

  • Verify products and materials applications to the needs of the project against Company capabilities 

  • Verify the fit of sub-trades or plant capabilities to the scope/size of the project  

  • Work with staff to ensure proper handling of accounts and schedules for proper project completion 


  • Ability to handle multiple tasks concurrently 

  • Background in Quality Assurance, Estimating/Sales, Project Management, Purchasing, and Accounting desired 

  • Demonstrate leadership skills, including staff development, coaching and training  

  • Demonstrate sound business judgment 

  • Minimum 2-5 years’ experience in on-site building construction  

  • Organization and time management skills  PC proficiency in a Windows® environment and other trained software applications 


MODLOGIQ has been certified as a Great Place to Work® two years in a row! As a leader in off-site construction of modular buildings, we have experienced unprecedented growth and are looking for great people to help us continue to build the best workplace possible. Our unique SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION method is unique in the industry.

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