Precise + Smart -- Off-Site Construction underway -- Harvard University [Life Lab].
Finished building -- installed + ready for use -- Harvard University [Life Lab].

Building off-site with permanent modular construction is not a new concept. Yet, the steadily rising interest of owners, architects, contractors and developers gained as they explore the increasing number of sophisticated building projects realized today, could have us imagine it’s a ground-breaking revolution in construction.


The innovation is not in the model itself.

The innovation is in the amplified adoption of the model, as off-site construction soars to challenge conventional on-site methods today, for speed, quality and enhanced sustainability.

At MODLIGIQ, we have been at the forefront of this cutting-edge transformation in project delivery alternatives.  We build state-of-the-art facilities with the permanence and performance of conventional construction with better quality, in less time, with less on-site activity. Guaranteed.

PERMANENT MODULAR CONSTRUCTION [PMC] is simply an alternative project delivery method that moves the building construction process away from the exposed site location to a controlled plant environment where it is fabricated with care, control and less environmental impact. PMC can offer any level of customization and complexity from a single-story school addition to a multi-story student residence; from a quick service restaurant to a medical imaging center. A facility built by MODLOGIQ realizes the owner or architect vision, program requirements or building science and technology needs.



The environment matters. Building off-site in a controlled environment is an inherently “greener” process. By reducing upstream waste in the manufacturing environment and site disturbance downstream, we're working to protect the eco-system and the surrounding community.  

We offer design flexibility. At MODLOGIQ, our qualified technical staff work closely with our clients and their design consultants through our design-assist program to help you achieve exactly what you need – no more and no less. We make sure that you get the most effective and efficient modular design possible without compromise to your needs.

We will have you open sooner. We have better control over everything – from daily workforce attendance without weather delays to concurrently building for you while the site development takes place.  When all the off-site construction “best practices” are engaged, we can reduce the schedule time by as much as 50%.

Better construction quality management. Building in our clean and controlled environment protects material and reduces pollutants.  We have a stringent QA/QC program that facilitates hold points for clients for their own inspections during fabrication.

Reduce your on-site time and activity. By constructing your building to about 90% completion at our plant, we can significantly reduce your on-site time for trades, project management and supervision -- freeing up some of your key people to get a jump start on another project sooner.

MODLOGIQ Off-Site Construction Plant -- Organized + Efficient.