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JPMorgan Chase National Bank


The mission? Not only build one modular bank branch to meet all JPMorgan Chase National Bank brand and design standards, but also build the prototype for a modular bank branch program seeking to accelerate the cost-efficient roll out of locations across multiple secondary markets. Thanks to close collaboration among design, manufacturing, construction, and construction management partners—and a number of clever innovations from MODLOGIQ—that goal was achieved.

MODLOGIQ played a central role, providing full turnkey site development services, building fabrication, and delivery. We were permitted as the General Contractor of Record and delivered a Certificate of Occupancy less than 100 days after the building permit was awarded. Along the way, innovative solutions like high hat modules delivered the Chase "monumental entrance" brand look as well raised lobby ceiling heights to accommodate MEP and HVAC systems. With 90% of the building finished off site, completion at the site was smooth and fast.

Notably, the new branch opened as scheduled while meeting budget guidelines. Based on the success of the project and lessons learned, MODLOGIQ, Chase, and its partners are now developing a roll out of the modular bank program—with additional efficiencies incorporated into future modular branches to be built and deployed in multiple secondary markets.


  • Accelerate cost-effective roll out of retail bank branches into secondary markets

  • Develop, build, and commission a modular prototype as a pilot for a modular construction program

  • repeatable across multiple regions and sites

  • Uphold aesthetics and brand standards of site-built designs


  • MODLOGIQ design team assist architectural firm HWA in transforming conventional, site-built design into efficient, repeatable modular package

  • Provide full turnkey execution—from demolition of existing building on site to site preparation to design assist to manufacturing to transport to site completion to Certificate of Occupancy


  • Opened fully-operational branch less than 100 days after award of building permit

  • Met budget guidelines with additional cost efficiencies identified for future builds

  • Installed in just 72 hours

Time lapse of build site in Blue Springs, MO.
Highlights from site installation.
Featured corner window wall.
Drone footage of initial module set.
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